Våler School, Våler, 2017

Competition: Honorable Mention

Våler activity center and school are located in a beautiful flat landscape, close to the existing city center and the church. The proposed plan works on density. It leaves a high degree of flexibility for future developments inside the competition perimeter.

The new buildings are therefore concentrated on the north and on the west areas of the plot. In this way the functions are all close one each other and are connected on an east-west axis redefining the connection between the city and the river Glomma. The requested functions have been distributed into three groups, one for the school, one for the cultural activities and one for the sport center. 

A small pedestrian square will be arranged in the area between the two buildings. The music school, the library and the hall of the activity house will have their entrance facing this square, realizing a lively new outdoor space.


Program: School and Activity House, Våler, Norway

Client: Municipality of Våler

Project team: Andrea Ravagnani, David Vecchi, Marta Benedetti, Paolo Coppola