primary and grammar school Trojska, Prague, 2018

Competition: First prize

The brief asked for the renewal and extension of the primary and grammar school, on two separated plots.

The two interventions find their connection in the balance of the green outdoor spaces, where all the entrances are. The principal strategies are based on the realization of simple yet expressive buildings that promote flexibility and sustainability, determining attractive outdoor spaces.

The extension proposal on plot 315 envisions a new linear wing on the west side of the plot, determining a ā€œUā€ shaped school complex with favourably oriented classrooms and functions. It is conceived as a simple three floors building, with slabs at the same height of the existing school, to ensure accessibility.

The conceptual approach to the new multifunctional building on plot 294 aims to the realization of an open flexible structure that is easily adaptable to didactical and to civic functions. A green sequence of paved and green areas stretches all the way until the south edge of the plot, leading to the entrances of the cafeteria and of the central foyer. The building's geometry reacts to the plot shape. Rather than a singular large building, we envision three volumes of different size and different height, integrating it in the scale of the surroundings and reflecting its public attitude.

Program: School complex extension and new multifunctional building

Client: Municipality of Prague 7

Project team: Andrea Ravagnani, Elena Maria Rossi, Chiara Nastasi