Ravagnani Vecchi is an international architecture office based in Rome and directed by Andrea Ravagnani and David Vecchi.

The practice works on architecture, urbanism, and interior design, both for public and private sectors,

with projects ongoing in Italy, Norway, Portugal and Czechia.

Both partners come from independent career paths, that brought them to cooperate in many occasions since 2009.

Andrea Ravagnani as the former founder of LARA and David Vecchi as the former founder of ULTRA architettura. 


Andrea Ravagnani

Andrea Ravagnani has been assistant teacher at the

architecture school La Sapienza from 2004 to

2012, and is now teacher of interior design at

Quasar Design University.

He has been awarded the newitalianblood 2013

prize as best under 36 architecture practice.

David Vecchi

David Vecchi graduated from Sapienza in Rome and

gained professional experience working for

Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra in Seville in 2014 and

Bak Gordon in Lisbon in 2015.

He was awarded several prizes in architecture

competitions and exhibitions.


Current Team

 Álvaro Gil Peña, Sofia Francis, Ines Weege

Team 2006-2019

Federica Asaro, Alessandro Baciocchi, Marta Benedetti, Carolina Boccella, Alessandra Borzomati, Elisa Cecchini, Paolo Coppola, Alessio Crescenzi, Andrea Di Martino Russo, Dario Di Rienzo, Annalisa Di Verniere, Nicola Donati, Dragos Ivanet, Luigi Longo, Chiara Nastasi, Michela Romano, Emilia Rosmini, Elena Maria Rossi, Federica Spinaci, Paolo Venturella