Boarding School, Malles, 2014

Competition: 6th prize

The competition area is on a wide piece of flat land, with free spaces for potential expansion towards southwest. The arrangement of the proposed site plan optimizes this potential placing the volume towards the north corner of the plot.  Compactness and a small footprint minimize soil consumption and therefore, building costs. The project realizes a basement platform with green roof and a superposed 2 floors volume to host all the bedrooms. The green flat roof is gently connected to the natural slope of the landscape, favouring the physical and visual connection between the school and the boarding school’s public ground floor. Functional flexibility is the main focus of this floor, where the main entrance and the circulation spaces open the building to all the 4 sides to connect its public activities with the outdoor areas.


Program: Student's housing and facilities, Malles, Italy

Client: Provincia di Bolzano

Project team: Andrea Ravagnani, Alessandro Baciocchi, Giuseppe D'Emilio, Dario Di Rienzo