Hoclinvegen, Tromsø, 2014-2015

Hoclinvegen House is a new family villa located in the middle of Tromsø Island, in Northern Norway. The plot overlooks the fjord on one side  and the Prestvannet Lake on the other side.

Tromsø has an incredibly short green summer, but winter is very hard, borealis can come at almost every time and paint the sky with pink or green stripes. Hoclinvegen House reacts to this unreal atmosphere and severe climate conditions with a compact shape, spotted by a pattern of wide apertures.

The color palette of the exterior is reduced to minimum, using siberian natural wood for the exterior walls and dark grey for the rest of the walls and details.

The house is designed for a family of 4, using part of the basement floor as a rental unit for students.

The ground floor is composed by the main entrance, an inclined climbing gym entirely cladded in birch wood and a small apartment. The main entrances are hidden under a porch that completes the volume and shelters the doors from snowstorms, protecting them from the main wind that usually hits Hoclinvegen hill when the snow falls. A stair gives access to the first floor directly into the center of the open space where living and dining areas take place.

The second floor includes all the bedrooms, the main bathroom and a small hybrid space; here, from the highest point of the villa, the exquisite views of the Tromsø fjord can be appreciated.


Program: Private house, Tromsø, Norway

Client: Private

Project team: Andrea Ravagnani, Alessandro Baciocchi, Carolina Boccella, Dario Di Rienzo, Álvaro Gil Peña