Kindergarten, St. Georgen, 2016

Competition: Shortlisted

The project works on a compact solution on two levels, based on a triangular geometric pattern, driven by a careful analysis about the relationships between the building and the plot borders. This also helps optimize the sun exhibition of the classrooms and of the green spaces, especially on the south-east side.

The volumetry is charachterized by the use of single inclination roofs that integrate its geometries with the ones of the surroundings. The distribution spaces of the school are thought and dimensioned to be also used for learning and other recreational activites outside the classrooms. A large central space is left completely free and in double height to allow the physical and visual connection between the two floors and to allow the natural light into the building.


Program: Kindergarten, St. Georgen, Bruneck, Italy

Client: Municipality of St. Georgen

Project team: Andrea Ravagnani, David Vecchi, Marta Benedetti, Elisa Cecchini, Paolo Coppola, Alessio Crescenzi