Avio Interiors, Latina, 2012

Restricted competition: 1st prize

The building stands in an industrial district close to Latina. The company is a manufacturer for aircraft interiors with around 500 employees; the client's request was building a brand new headquarter for the company and connect the office area where the components are designed with the last part of the production line, what they use to call the "atelier". 
The height of the building is 8 meters, so that the office section is divided into two floors, built on a large area in front of the factory structure. The volume is all glazed, with a superposed rhythm of deep steel blades that protect the interiors from the direct sunlight. Some subtractions are placed strategically throughout the building to allow the presence of green patios inside the volume, so that, behind a pattern of thin white blades, the subtle presence of green areas connects the complex to the rural landscape of Via Appia.


Program: Factory restoration - New offices – Landscape, Latina, Italy

Client: Aviointeriors SpA

In partnership with: Andrea Peruzzi

Project team: Andrea Ravagnani, David Vecchi, Michela Romano, Carolina Sanchez Camacho